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How to Import Users?

This block will give you information on how to import users.

To perform import user operations you must have to enable the import users option from the user settings tab.

Once you have enabled the import users option then there are 3 new options. Insert User, Update User, and Delete User.

Insert User, Update User, and Delete User will automatically add insert, update and delete sheet headers.

After saving settings, Our plugin code will auto-add sheet headers respectively.

1. Update User

    If you want to update any user row then add 1 in the update column from a spreadsheet.

    Here is an example to show you how you can update users. In this example, we changed the user with 2 user Id.

    Original Sheet

    • User FirstName test to Testing
    • User LastName testing to Last
    • User Nickname test testing to TestingLast
    • User Biographical Info test to Biographical Info
    • Update to 1

    For example, you can make changes as per your need. You must have to add 1 within the Update column of the spreadsheet.

    Whenever you try to update any user data from a spreadsheet keep in mind that User Username and User Profile Image values can not be changed from the spreadsheet so if you want to change User Profile Image then you have to edit it from the backend. Username , EmailID, and Nickname are mandatory fields for updating user data so it can not be passed blank.

    Once you have made changes within your spreadsheet with your need, you need to click on Import User and follow the below steps.

    Updated Spreadsheet

    2. Insert User

    If a user wants to add a new user via spreadsheet then the user must add 1 within the Insert column of the spreadsheet. Please make sure you have added the User Username within the row as the user wants to insert it. Username and EmailID are mandatory for a new user and they must be unique values.

    Updated Spreadsheet

    3. Delete User

    To perform the delete user operation then need to add 1 in the delete column of that User Id row within the spreadsheet.

    Please ensure you have added 1 to the correct User ID row as you want to delete that user.

    Updated Spreadsheet

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