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Thank you for purchasing WPSyncSheets For Contact Form 7. This documentation consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and setting up WPSyncSheets For Contact Form 7 Google Spreadsheet Addon from scratch.

For guidance to Create Google API settings. Go through Video Tutorial

Plugin Overview

  • Save Entries –
    Users can easily save all the entries with one Google Spreadsheet to make your enquiries / entries effectively, it can also save your entries of your Contact Forms 7.
  • Duplicate Forms –
    User can create multiple duplicate forms and can also assign the entries based on the forms settings. Different forms can send data to different sheets based on form settings.
  • Edit Headers –
    Users can easily edit sheet headers with the google settings page. There are simple text fields to change the name of the sheet headers, it will be auto affected with google spreadsheet headers.
  • New Spreadsheets & Sheets –
    Once a user will select the create new spreadsheet within the google drive with desired name, it will auto create the new spreadsheet and sheets based on the orders status in the settings page.
  • Freeze Header –
    User can easily freeze header row (first row) of the sheet with settings page option. It can be easily enabled / disable whenever a user needs it.
  • IP Address & Page URL –
    This feature is used with the special mail tags, IP Address for replacing the submitter’s IP address and page URL for replacing the page URL of the page in which contact form is placed.
  • Enable / Disable Sheet Headers –
    With this option, the user can set the Sheet Headers row as per their requirement in settings page. Also, users can easily enable / disable sheet headers in the general settings page option.
  • Special Mail Tags –
    Users have access to special mail tags for submission which includes [_remote_ip],[_user_agent],[_url],[_date],[_time].
  • Mapping Fields –
    This feature allows user to associate form fields, so that it can have the row within the google spreadsheet whenever form data is been inserted.
  • Download Spreadsheet –
    If a user wants to download the spreadsheet, this plugin also provides the download excel format after downloading the spreadsheet.
  • Save Files –
    If your forms will have file fields then it will be automatically save those files within our plugin upload folder and add link to google spreadsheet. We can easily check attachment by single click with google spreadsheet entries.
  • Sheet Headers Sorting –
    User can sort the sheet headers row in the way they want to, from the general settings page.

You have to install and activate Contact Form 7 plugin before using WPSyncSheets For Contact Form 7! If You haven’t installed Contact Form 7, please navigate to Contact Form 7 Installation Documentation.

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